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By now you may have seen this phrase on our website, a T-Shirt or on the Creamery wall when you walk in. But, what does it mean? Good question and I’m glad you asked because these four words define Richlands Dairy & Creamery, our mission and our vision. In one word, it means transparency.

For the Farm, “Honest to Goodness Dairy” means that we are open about how we keep our animals happy and our land healthy. We encourage you to like our FaceBook Page and follow us for videos and updates on how we use technology and modern farming practices to take care of our cows and our land. Or, come to one of our Farm Events and take a tour to see for yourself how we care for our cows on an individual basis that includes top notch medical care, a healthy diet and a comfortable living environment. There is nothing we do on the farm that we won’t show you or tell you about and we always encourage people to ask questions. We are proud of the work we do and enjoy sharing our farming experience with others and part of that is sharing our struggles as well. Dairy farming is a good life, but it is a hard one and to be honest is to share that side of the story as well.

At the Creamery, we continue a transparent look into milk by providing literal widows for you to look into the milk plant where we pasteurize and bottle milk and into the ice cream making room. We want you to see each step in the process from cow to cone and to feel confident in where your dairy comes from. It also means that we promise to market our milk in an honest way. I don’t know about you, but food labels today drive me crazy. While any statement on a label must be true (organic, natural, antibiotic or GMO free for example) such statements are not always honest. As an example, labeling milk as antibiotic free is true but implies that other brands of milk may not be. Honestly though, all milk is antibiotic free and placing that statement on a milk label is unnecessary. As part of our “Honest to Goodness Dairy” promise you won’t find any misleading statements on our labels, but you will find a happy cow and a website for more information. (For a full breakdown of statements you won’t find on our label and why, visit “Our Label” underneath the Creamery section.)

Finally, “Honest to Goodness Dairy” means that we promise to do good within our community. That’s why for every 10 gallons of milk sold, we will donate 1 gallon of milk to a family in need or local food bank. Our goal as a whole is to create a future where food has the power to unite us around the table, strengthen communities and feed us not only physically, but mentally, emotionally and spiritually as well. That’s why in everything we do, it starts with honesty and moves towards goodness.

Happy Cows

9 thoughts on “Honest To Goodness Dairy

  1. Can’t wait for the Creamery to open. We have been watching the progress since it started. Can’t wait to try the ice creams and milkshakes.

  2. My son & I were blessed to come and sample some ice cream and take some milk home. DELISH
    Can’t wait til y’all open
    Good luck and congratulations

  3. Love, love, love the ice cream, especially with the fresh, homemade chocolate waffle bowl. The Coffee & Oreo and Salty Carmel are two of my favorites. I just tried the Mocha today and like that as well. Can’t wait to try other flavors.

  4. The banana is like Sunday School picnics from my childhood without the crank and wait! Loved it so much!!

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