Open for Drive Thru and Call Ahead Service Only

Hello Everyone,

We are open Tuesday-Thursday from 11 am- 7 pm & Friday-Sunday from 11am-8pm. During Phase 3 we will remain a drive thru with call ahead services. When you arrive at the Creamery, please bear to you right and follow the gravel road around the grass field for drive thru service and place your order with a Creamery employee. Once your order is placed, continue to the front of the building and someone will bring your order out to you.

To place a call ahead order, please call (434) 294-8259. When you arrive at the Creamery, please bear to the left upon entering the drive way, and pull to the right, alongside the large orange traffic cones. Someone will come out to greet you and deliver your order.

Our menu will continue to include scooped ice cream, quarts and half gallons of prepackaged ice cream, milkshakes, milk, lunch and dinner from The Kitchen Table and all of our retail farm products. You may purchase waffle cones to take with you but we are not serving ice cream in cones at this time since there is no good way for us to bring them to your car without touching them. In addition, we are offering Take Home Kits; 1 Quart Ice Cream with 4 waffle cones for $10 or 1/2 Gallon Ice Cream with 6 waffle cones for $15.

Once you have your order, you are welcome to park in the grassy area beside the drive thru road and enjoy your food and ice cream. I know everyone is tired of being homebound, so if you would like to bring chairs and/or tents to stay awhile and enjoy time out of the house, feel free to do so. We just ask that you be mindful of continuing to keep 6 feet between you and your neighbor. It’s getting hot now, so the cows may not be on pasture as much, but we do try to have a live band for a few hours on the weekends. Be sure to check our FaceBook Page (@richlands.dairyfarm) for updates.

During Phase 3 the playground and rocking chair porch will be available to rent for $25/hr for families/household members. We will wave the fee if you will sanitize the playground after use. For more information or to make a reservation please call 434-233-3014 and leave a message with the Store Manager.

We have also gotten several requests for gift cards so are now offering egift cards through Square,

Thanks again for supporting us and we look forward to the day we can welcome you back into the Creamery!


19 thoughts on “Open for Drive Thru and Call Ahead Service Only

  1. You said “do not loiter to enjoy your food and ice cream” … does that mean that we aren’t even able to park and eat the food in our car?

    1. We pulled off onto the grass last Sunday 5/10 with other cars to enjoy the wonderful ice cream and no one said anything. Vehicles came and went with no problem.

  2. Is the drive thru menu all you are doing right now? I was hoping to try some of your lunch items. But I dont see a full menu anywhere.

  3. If you order and pick up ahead of time and you are having lunch and ice cream, doesn’t the ice cream melt while you are eating your lunch

    1. Hello. If you would like to eat your food and then come back for your ice cream, then just let the person who is taking your order know. They will make a note on the order, and we will only send your food out. When you are ready for your ice cream, you can pull into the call ahead line, and we will bring your ice cream out to you.

  4. TikTok led me here. The fact that your farm has remained in your family for 270 years is amazing. Im from Oklahoma or I would be a loyal customer. Tough times make tough people. Keep yalls heads up. God bless.

  5. Ran across your story and we are up the road in Chesterfield. Are you still open for drive through service or what can be purchased to help. 270 years, here in Virginia, is an incredible story.

  6. Found you because of Tik tok and I will come out from Chicago on my next drive out east and buy from you. Seriously, keep the faith, save to the farm. And of course, we love ice cream.

  7. Found you all on tic toc, we are too far away to be able to make a visit, northwest Florida, but we would love to support you by purchasing something like merchandise.

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